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The year in Sports 2010

TJ MacIvor

3 4                        
    5                       6
    7 8  
9                       10        
    12     13
14     15                    
17             18        

1.Golfer who slept around and divorced his wife
3.World Series MVP
5.Basketball player who betrayed cleveland
9.Super Bowl MVP
10.This university had their womens basketball team win 91 games in a row
11.This beast of a man plowed over opponents as the RB of the Browns
15.Old OB who was carried off the field on his last play (due to injury)
16.Threw a no hitter in the playoffs
17.Legandary Indians pitcher who passed away
19.Stanley Cup Champs
1.Idiot who illegally got tatoos for autographs plays qb for Ohio State
2.US soccer hero in the World Cup
4.NCAA Basketball Champs
6.World Series Champs
7.Super Bowl Champs
8.Football player who made the most out of his second chance (dogfighting)
12.NBA Finals MVP
13.NCAA Football Champs
14.City in which the winter olympics were held
18.NBA Champs

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