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Ancient China

DJ Ellis

1 2
3 4                
5                           6
8   9                      
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  28 29          

4.Overland trade routes (2 words)
5.Rise and fall of ruling families (2 words)
7.First major philosopher who lived in China around 600 B.C.
9.Respect for parents
11.Describes farm production regardless of crop
12.World's tallest mountain, in Tibet (2 Words)
13.An early hot air baloon was used in ____
15.They spread because of trade
16.In 221 B.C., he began unifying China (2 words)
17.Belief in a universal guiding force
19.Belief in strong government
22.Created a philosophical system called Confucianism
23.The Martial Emperor
26.Invented in China and used to tell North from South
27.Worked full time to be good and pure
29.Worked in fields or in rich people's homes
30.By 2000 B.C., Chinese had entered the Bronze Age and begun to use writing
31.Books are made of ________
1.Chinese printers were experimenting with this in the year 1000
2.Chinese believed that the most important relationship was with _________
3.The balance of forces that interact with each other (3 words)
6.People usually wore, (long t-shirts)
8.The Huang He is also known by this name (2 words)
10.Early Chinese kings believed these contained messages from the Gods (2 Words)
14.Book of Confucius' teachings
18.Dynasty of first writing system
20.Only rich boys attended this
21.First grain farmed in China
24.Could rule as long as they had a mandate from Heaven
25.Dynasty that set up a bureaucracy
28.Rich people fabric

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