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1 2 3
4   5           6  
8       9    
      10 11             12      
  15 16                              
20           21

4.Money that is used by a company to increase production and which buys a share in that company. It stimulates growth and creates more wealth for the investor.
7.Spanish word that means "Source of wealth".
11.The remote and less devdeloped aread around a community.
13.An exchange, or sharing.
16.Government by a territory's own people, used here for the right of Native peoples, but could also be applied to Canada itself, when it became independent Britain.
17.An alphabet composed of long and short signals.
18.A duty or tax a country charges on imports.
20.A unit of distance ued at sea. The British nautical mile is 1853.2 meters.
22.Someone who practices imperialism, the policy of extending control of a region or regions by one nation.
23.A slum area of a city; also an area of a city inhabited by a minority group.
24.City or town.
25.Land set aside for the Native peoples.
1.Buyers for a specific product, for example, the world market for wheat.
2.A group having less than the number of votes necessary for control.
3.An organization of workers that negotiates matters such as wages and working contitions with employers.
5.A ritual of giving away property and goods that is observed by many West Coast Native bands.
6.An inlet between high cliffs.
8.Someone who had been a prospector for a long time.
9.A croweded, usually cheap, builiding with many apartments, often owned by a company and rented to workers.
10.An old fashion term used to refer to the country from which colonists emigrated.
12.To absorb easily into another culture.
14.A small arm of the ocean that juts into the caost.
15.The banning of the sale and consumption of alcholic beverages.
19.A competitiom to have the most powerful navy. (The nuclear arms race is a modern day equivalent.
21.The features of the land on which the settlement is built, such as its elevation and landforms.

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