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Central Venous Catheter facts

Nancy Rose

Basic class about CVCs, some important points

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2.Without microorganisms
5.A 10 ml syringe exerts less or more positive pressure compared to a 3ml syringe
8.CVC dressing should be changed every ______ days or sooner if soiled or non-occlusive
9.What solution should be used to prep the skin before inserting a CVC?
10.How is tip position of the CVC verified?
13.How many seconds should the hub be scrubbed before accessing?
16.Lower third of the SVC or cavo-atrial junction is the desired tip _____ for a CVC
17.Before infusing through a CVC, blood _______ should be verified.
1.What is the acronym for the Infusion Nurses Society?
3.What is the name of the vein that receives the blood from the upper body before entering the heart?
4.What intervention cleans the catheter's intraluminal surface & prevents drug precipiation?
6.Evidence based practice emphasizes examination of evidence from clinical _______
7.What is the volume of normal saline flush after withdrawing blood from a CVC?
11.What is the most visible symptom of thrombosis?
12.What is the body's first line of defense against entry of micororgansims?
14.What percentage of skin flora can be eliminated with a 30 sec friction scrub?
15.When obtaining a blood specimen from a CVC the discard (waste) volume is ____ times the volume of the CVC

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