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Aussie Readers Crossword #2


2 3               4
8                 9
12               13                
14 15     16     17        
19         20    
21 22

3.This exciting, night-time event is common on Australia Day, except in northern Australia, whose wet season makes this event difficult.
5.How many stars on the New South Wales state flag?
6.Which state counts the Great Barrier Reef as one of its many tourist attractions?
7.Australians often share what meal/activity with family and friends to celebrate Australia Day? (abbreviation)
8.On Australia Day we ………….. what's great about Australia.
12.This state's floral emblem is the Common Heath?
13.In La Perouse, some indigenous Australians mark Australia Day with an inaugural…………. Concert?
16.What is the ACT floral emblem?
18.What is the capital of the Northern Territory?
19.What does the red section of the Aboriginal flag represent?
20.Tasmania's state flag contains an image of what colour lion?
23.On the National Flag, how many points does the Federation Star have?
1.What special year was 1988 for Australia?
2.According to the words of Australia's National Anthem, in what sort of strains should we sing?
4.The floral emblem of South Australia was named after explorer Charles who?
8.On Australia Day, many new Australians take an oath and become what?
9.What national gemstone is sometimes referred to as the "fire in the desert"?
10.Captain Arthur ………… landed at Sydney Cove on January 26, 1788.
11.The shield in the centre of the coat of arms is divided into how many sections?
13.People from Western Australia are sometimes fondly referred to as ……- gropers?
14.The group of ships that arrived in Australian on 26 January 1788 are called the First what?
15.The golden ………. is Australia's floral emblem?
16.What colour is the wide centre stripe on the Torres Strait Islander flag?
17.A kangaroo and what other animal feature on Australia's coat of arms?
21.Lionel who was the first Aboriginal Australian of the Year?
22.……….. and gold were proclaimed as Australia's national colours by the Governor-General on 19 April, 1984.

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