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1 2 3 4
5                                               6              
7                 8              
10                                   11   12 13            
14                                       15             16      
17                   18                         19
21 22                   23                    
24                 25               26
  27 28                                  
31                             32   33       34                    
35                               36                   37    
            39     40    
42                         43                     44
        45                             46    
47 48                                
  50         51                            
52                       53   54      
57           58                  

5.negligent act committed by one but charged to the one responsible for the other's acts
6.to hold back or stop something if evidence is ------- it is not made known to public
7.an illegal procedure where one not involved in suit pays the cost of litigation for a gain
8.an officer of the court in charge of the jury
10.law that deals with administrative agencies
13.voluntary written statement made under oath before a notary
14.tactic used in discovery not supported by allegations
15.one who commits a tort
17.books containing laws created by state/federal statutes
18.a thing decided
20.to request a review of a case heard in a lower court
22.court that settles minor disputes
24.in itself or by itself
25.testimony, exhibits, etc presented in trial to prove alleged facts
28.laws originated in france, adopted by louisiana
31.disputes the sufficiency in law of the other side's pleading-no legal basis for the complaint
34.the way things are
35.a public officer authorized to administer oaths, certify signatures
36.issued by a judge for arrest of person
38.law originated in england, major source of law in US
40.the legal profession as a whole
42.objection to juror without cause
45.at end of complaint, requests court grant plaintiff's demands
49.an authoritative opinion by a judge on points other that the actual issue in the case
51.US courts that have limited jurisdiction
52.examination of juror to determine if competent to serve as juror
54.an impression used to certify a document is genuine
55.a writ issued by the court commanding a person to do or not do an act
56.failure to do an act one has a duty to perform
57.one who has thorough knowledge of law, written extensively on legal subjects
58.by the fact itself
59.a title used by attorneys
1.position of defendant who could have stopped a negligence event but didn't
2.an action to recover personal property that another is illegally possessing
3.as much care and attention as is required by the circumstances
4.a written command by the court that requires a specific action
9.a delay or stopping of a legal proceeding
11.the facts that are the basis for the lawsuit
12.indicates an opinion by the entire court such as court of appeals or supreme court
16.compels a witness to appear in court
19.latin term for law
21.a decree that takes effect unless it is successfully contested
23.can be debated or argued, such as a ------- point
26.document/object presented to court as evidence in a case
27.a court in which the proceedings are not required to be recorded
29.clause in a complaint that states the plaintiff's damage
30.one who is legally capable of managing his/her own actions or affairs
32.to actually remove evidence from the record
33.a civil action directed against a specific person
36.document certifying one will pay a certain amount if certain acts are not performed
37.an excuse that in latin means elsewhere
39.court with limited jurisdiction, decisions can be appealled to higher court
41.without day, the final adjournment of a case
43.to decide by law
44.Sworn to and subscribed - the clause at the end of an affidavit
46.information written on the back of a legal document
47.conference between judge and counsel or judge and witness
50.intentionally giving false testimony under oath
53.a salesperson is generally this

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