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Space Race: The Soviet Union Version

The Secret Space Racers of the 21st century

This is another one of our A-making, A-mazing, and A-piece of art, crosswords! if you don't like deal:D

  2 3

4.This is the first satellite to be launched into space; was launched by the USSR
6.The first mammal to be sent into space; was a dog
7.the first man-made object to land on the lunar surface; crashed (2 Words)
9.The old name for Russia (2 Words)
1.This is the other continent where Russia lies; contains France, and Germany
2.The planet on which we live on
3.first man to leave earth's surface and orbit the earth; russian (2 Words)
5.the first thing to orbit the moon and photograph 70% of the surface. (2 Words)
7.the first man-made object to orbit the sun (2 Words)
8.This is one of the 2 continents where Russia lies; contains China and India

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