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Fetal development

Toni Blair, RN, MSN, CPNP-AC

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3.Gestation of a full term infant lasts approx. ________ weeks.
4.immunoglobulin that crosses the placenta
7.opening between the right and left atria causing a right to left shunting in an effort to decrease pulmonary blood flow (2 Words)
11.measuring _________ levels is a way of monitoring placental function.
12.Maternal HTN, placental dysfunction, infection, or corticosteroid use _____________ lung maturity.
13.finger-like projections from the trophoblast (2 Words)
14.(abbreviation) detected in maternal serum 7-10 days after conception and is the basis of home pregnancy tests
15.Sufficient surfactant is present to provide the infant with a good chance of survival after week __________. (2 Words)
19.inner fetal membrane that forms the amniotic cavity
22.Sperm remain viable up to ________(spell out word) days.
25.term for low amniotic fluid; associated with fetal renal abnormalities
26.when the cord is wrapped around the neck of the fetus (2 Words)
29.ductus ___________ connects the aorta and pulmonary artery to allow fetal blood to mostly bypass the lungs.
30.Ductus _________is the branch near the liver that connects to the inferior vena cava.
31.A mature ovum is considered fertile for ____________(spell out words) hours after ovulation. (2 Words)
33.hCG reaches its maximum level by _______ (spell out) days then begins to decrease.
34.Fetal hemoglobin (Hgb F) carries 20-30% ______ oxygen than maternal hemoglobin.
35.Gestational diabetes and chronic glomerulonephritis can ________ fetal lung maturity.
38.outer fetal membrane that becomes the covering of the fetal side of the placenta
39.identical twins that develop from a single fertilized ovum; no association with race, heredity, age, or parity
45.waste products stored in the fetal intestines
48.primary germ layer that develops into the epithelial lining of the respiratory and digestive tracts
49.Unique handprints and footprints are present by week ________.
50.Vernix caseosa appears and nostrils reopen during week _________.
51.The kidneys are formed during week ________.
52.organ connecting the developing fetus to the uterine wall for oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, nutrient transport, and waste elimination
53.major source of energy for the fetus
54.fine, downy hair that covers the fetus
55.Eyelids reopen and fetus can see/respond to bright lights during week _________. (2 Words)
1.Fetal glucose concentration is _________ than the maternal blood because of its rapid metabolism by the fetus.
2.first cell of an individual
4.immunoglobulin that is only transferred to the newborn through breastfeeding
5.union of ovum and sperm; beginning of pregnancy
6.vessel(s) within the umbilical cord that carry unoxygenated blood and wastes away from the embryo
8.Brain waves can be recorded during week ___________.
9.Fetal movements that can be felt by the mother; occurs between weeks 16-20
10.fraternal twins that are formed from two mature ova; more common in AA women and occurs in families
13.First organ system to function in the developing human
16.Fetus moves into a head down position preparing for birth during week _______. (2 Words)
17.study of fetal cells in amniotic fluid that yields genetic and chromosomal information about the fetus; done between 15-20 weeks
18.developing embryo about 5 days after fertilization
20.white, cheesy material that protects the skin of the fetus (2 Words)
21.term for excessive amniotic fluid; associated with fetal GI abnormalities
23.connective tissue that prevents compression of the blood vessels within the umbilical cord (2 Words)
24.6-10 days after conception when the trophoblast burrows into the endometrium
27.primary germ layer that develops into the epidermis, glands, CNS, etc.
28.Fetus can hear and respond to sounds during week ________. (2 Words)
32.stage of intrauterine development in which all organs and external features are developed
36.outer layer of the blastocyst
37.ability of the fetus to survive outside the womb
40.immunoglobulin that is produced by the fetus
41.By the end of week _________, the tubular heart begins to beat.
42.most critical alveolar surfactant required for postnatal lung expansion; detectable in amniotic fluid at 21 weeks and increasing from week 24 through delivery
43.vessel(s) within the umbilical cord that carry oxygenated blood and nutrients to the embryo
44.primary germ layer that develops into muscles, dermis, cardiovascular system, etc.
46.Fetal respiratory movements, extremity movement, and position changes can be seen on ultrasound by week _________.
47.external genitalia are fully differentiated by week _________.

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