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sam and julian

3   4
5       6
  7   8                 9
10                         11      
        12 13        

2.Paying in full and on time at the end of each month is essential when you own a_________.
8.The pension is designed to replace about ___________% of a person's earnings from employment
10.If you started a new EI claim within the last 52 weeks and there are still weeks payable on that claim, the bank will _____________renew it!
11.Most costly deduction is ______.
12.Taxes are due at the end of _______.
15.We should create our own personal ____________ plan because CPP is so small.
1.When you pay municipal taxes you pay ________ ______
3.If you are a sales person you are getting paid by ______________.
4.A common interest rate for credit cards is _______%
5.If you are unbable to work you might receive Employment ____________.
6._________ is a form of being paid every other week.
7.Someones __________ is influanced by education training and work experiance.
9.RRSP Rate is __________.
13.CPP stands for canada pention _____.
14.Some one who has good perchasing power is able to ________ their money wisely.

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