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1               2  
3 4                    
  5                 6
  7 8 9              
10           11  
13                   14

1.The opposition to a force that causes motion.
3.An increase of velocity or speed
5.The height of a wave, from base to greatest height
9.Rate of speed per the direction of travel.
10.Measurement used to measure electrical work done when passing through resistance
12.A material that has mass and takes up space.
13.The point or place where forces cancel each other out.
15.The direction at right angles to the vertical.
2.The point at where an object has it's central mass
4.The passing of heat from one substance to another
6.Measure of a force to move a 1 kilogram object, 1 meter, in 1 second.
7.Measure of the rate of motion, by distance divided by unit of time. (Feet per second or Miles per hour.)
8.Transfer of heat in a fluid
11.The direction at right angles to the horizon.
14.The property that causes an object to have weight in a gravitational field or force.

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