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The Moon & Apollo Missions


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1.Earth is in the middle of the Sun & Moon, blocking the light to Moon
6.pre-Apollo spacecraft, tested early propulsion & orbiting functions
7.central region of a shadow cast by an eclipsing body
8.1969, Man on the Moon, 1st Moon walk
11.only "lunar swing-by", O2 tank malfunction, great movie
14.farthest from the Sun
16.1day old, lack of illumination, not visible
17.time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth or the celestial sphere
19.nearest to the Sun on orbit
21.delivered water to the Moon
23.EVA, extra-vehicular activity with MET & lunar rover
24.losing illumination, 18 days old, light on left
25.Moon debris, rocks, dust from collisions
1.detects hydrogen in frozen Moon polar regions
2.4 & 26 days old, a "sliver" of the Moon
3.Sun, Earth & Moon are in line, highest and lowest tides
4.dark, low, "seas" on the Moon
5.full sun illumination, many myths, harvest guidelines, 14 days old
9.number of Apollo Missions
10.maybe a future space port, refueling with H2 & H2O
12.is one sixth that of the Earth
13.powerful rocket, sent Apollo's out of Earth's orbit & to the Moon
15.2X a month, Sun, Earth & Moon perpindicular, less obvious change
18.stabilized on Earth from Moon's influences
20.pre-Apollo spacecraft, tested rendezvous practices & spacesuits
22.ended in fire, to be 1st manned Apollo flight

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