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French Review

Boo-Boo- McCuteykins

- ER verbs - Response - Etre - Numbers 1-21,70, 80 ,90 ,99, 100,1000 - class supplies - people - days of the week

1 2 3 4 5
6 7     8   9              
      11                         12         13
      15                   16            
      18   19                    
      21 22   23            
24       25        
    27                     28   29    
31 32                 33        
34 35           36              
  38     39                
          41 42 43
44                   45 46             47        
    48     49    
  50             51              
53       54        
55               56        

9.it means "Note book"in french (2 Mots)
11.it the number "80"in french
12.it means"small" in french
14.it the number "20"in french
15.it means "Text Book"in french (2 Mots)
16.What Do You Say to someone when you first see them?
17.it is an ER verb that means To lisen To
19.it is an ER verb that means to call
20.it means"i am not " in french (4 Mots)
22.1 in french
23.it is an ER verb that means to travel
25.it the number "100"in french
26.How Do You Say "I am" In "French? (2 Mots)
27.it the number "90"in french
32.it the number "70"in french
34.it means"tall/big" in french
36.it means "Pencil"in french (2 Mots)
37.What number comes before ten but after two, that starts with a "T"
39.it means"a boy" in french (2 Mots)
40.My friends like to _____________ eachother on the phone
44.it means "Binder"in french (2 Mots)
46.The final is coming up! time __________ for it
47.it means"Tuesday" in french
50.it means "the door"in french, but it is fem. (2 Mots)
51.it is an ER verb that means to sing
52.it's a reponse maening"i'm bad"
54.it's a reponse maening"i'm good"
55.it means "Paper"in french (2 Mots)
56.Zero in french
57.In french it means "you like to "
1.the number 5 in french
2.j'aime _____________ by plane
3.it the number "15"in french
4.it is an ER verb that means to speak
5.it means "Homework"in french (2 Mots)
6.it is an ER verb that means to live
7.it the number "14"in french
8.How do you say "Thank you very much" in french (2 Mots)
9.it means "The chalkboard"in french (3 Mots)
10.The number 21 in french
13.it is an ER verb that means to study
18.it the number "16"in french
21.it means " A teacher"in french (2 Mots)
24.it the number "9"in french
28.it means"you are not" in french (3 Mots)
29.it the number "10"in french
30.it is an ER verb that means to eat
31.it the number "11"in french
33.The number 18
35.it is an ER verb that means to watch
38.it means "A desk"in french (2 Mots)
39.it means"monday" in french
40.it is an ER verb that means to work
41.it means "A lesson"in french (2 Mots)
42.it is an ER verb that means to dance
43.it is an ER verb that means I like or i love
45.it means "pen"in french (2 Mots)
48.it the number "12"in french
49.it means "Chalk"in french (2 Mots)
53.two in french

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