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Car parts

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2.A shaft having one or more cams attached to it, esp one used to operate the valves of an internal-combustion engine
4.A shaft for imparting torque from a power source or prime mover to machinery
7.A light or lamp, usually equipped with a reflector
8.Pedal in a motor vehicle which is pressed to increase speed
10.A chamber having several outlets through which a liquid or gas is distributed or gathered
11.A shaft having one or more cranks, usually formed as integral parts.
14.Bar on the front or back of a vehicle to protect against damage
15.An epicyclic train of gears designed to permit two or more shafts to rotate at different speeds, as a set of gears in an automobile permitting the rear wheels to be driven at different speeds when the car is turning.
16.A ring or band of rubber, either solid or hollow and inflated, or of metal, placed over the rim of a wheel to provide traction, resistance to wear, or other desirable properties
17.The shaft that connects the steering wheel to the steering gear assembly of an automotive vehicle
19.A brake operated by a hand lever
22.A compressible packing piece of paper, rubber, asbestos, etc, sandwiched between the faces or flanges of a joint to provide a seal
23.The metal casing within which a train of gears is sealed
24.The arrangement of springs, shock absorbers, hangers, etc., in an automobile, railway car, etc., connecting the wheel-suspension units or axles to the chassis frame
1.An act or instance of emitting: the emission of poisonous fumes
3.An instrument on an automobile or other vehicle for indicating the rate of travel in miles or kilometers per hour
5.A device for damping sudden and rapid motion, as the recoil of a spring-mounted object from shock
6.The devices used to ignite the fuel in an internal-combustion engine
9.A device constructed from thin-walled tubes and metal fins, used for cooling circulating water
12.A shield of glass, in one or more sections, projecting above and across the dashboard of an automobile
13.An instrument measuring revolutions per minute, as of an engine
17.A device designed to fit in each cylinder of a gasoline-powered internal-combustion engine and to produce the electric spark for igniting the mixture of gasoline and air
18.A belt, driven by the crankshaft of an engine, that turns a fan for drawing cooling air through the radiator
20.A disc or cylindrical part that slides to and fro in a hollow cylinder. In an internal-combustion engine it is forced to move by the expanding gases in the cylinder head and is attached by a pivoted connecting rod to a crankshaft or flywheel, thus converting reciprocating motion into rotation
21.Device for slowing or stopping a vehicle

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