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Greek Mythology


1     2     3
      4         5 6   7
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  29             30       31     32
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39         40             41
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45   46         47            
48           49                        
    51           52      

1.The three attendants of Aphrodite
4.The many headed monster who was slain by Hercules
5.Goddess of victory
8.Turned pirates into Dolphins
9.Father of the Titans
12.Son of Aphrodite
13.Bringer of fire to man
14.Hera's bird
16.creator of the Olympian thrones
17.Died flying
20.A queen of Carthage (when Aeneas came)
21.Wife of Odysseus
22.The cupbearer
27.Mother of monsters
28.Served to the gods as soup
29.Slayer of the Chimera
33.Zeus turned her into a cow
34.She opened the box
36.Half women, half birds
37.Wife of Poseidon
39.Judge of the fairest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite
40.The body part that was eaten out of Prometheus every day
43.Princess saved by Perseus
46.King of the gods
47.Apollo's twin sister
48.Ferry man in the underworld
49.Muse of Dance
50.Mother of Persephone
51.Slayer of the Python
52.River of the Underworld
53.Spirit of Strife
54.Hephaestus' helpers in the forge
1.mother earth
2.Hermes' wand
3.Retreiver of the golden fleece
4.The creator of the lyre
6.Messenger goddess
10.Hera's servant with a hundred eyes
11.Queen of the Underworld
15.Monster with the head of a lion, a head of a goat, and a snake tail
16.She gave up her seat for Dionysus
18.God of War
19.Was given the gift of the golden touch
23.Born from the sea
24.Sister of Clytemnestra, Castor, and Pollux
25.Half bull, half man
26.Apollo's main oracle
28.Sprang from Medusa's neck
30.What Persephone ate in the underworld
31.The north wind
32.A god with to faces; god of choice
35.Wife of Dionysus
40.The instrument of Apollo
41.Goddess of the moon
42.Poseidon's weopon
44.Creator of the Labyrinth
45.Turned into a Laurel tree
48.Father time

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