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Orientation to Pharmacology

Pam Rose, RN, MSN

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2.part of the nursing process that requires us to ask "what to do next"?
3.the time in the nursing process to review your plan and ask ...."Did it work?"
7.right drug right patient, right dose, right route , right time, right documentation
12.the objective of drug therapy is to provide maximum benefit with minimum harm
14.the study of the body's action on a drug, including the mechanisms of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
15.a broad term that includes the study of drugs and their actions in the body.
16.one that cannot produce harmful effects, even if administered in high doses
17.part of the nursing process that requires the nurse to collect data, as in a history
1.study of drugs in humans
2.the art of preparing, compounding, and dispensing drugs for medicinal use
4.also known as pharmacotherapeutics, medical use of drugs
5.an unpredictable effect that is not related to the main action of the drug
6.any chemical that can affect living processes
8.one that elicits only the response for which it is given, would not produce side effects
9.a physician has asked that the patient be given morphine sulfate for pain, the nurse draws the medication up and is ready to give it, what phase of the nursing process are you in
10.the study of how a drug acts on a living organism
11.elicits the responses for which it is given
13.defined as the study of drugs and their interactions with living systems

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