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Groundhog Day


Answers from the reading titled: "Groundhog Day"

* Two word answers have a space between them.

1 2
    3   4          
  6                 7
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11     12                      

3.This method of evaluating if spring is coming early isn't very __________.
5.Groundhog Day in Wiarton, Ontario is a very large ________ attraction.
6.Another name for the groundhog.
11.A difficult to say expression that a person tries to say fast is called a _____ ______ (two words)
14.Having no colour in your skin and hair is called ______>
1.The idiom "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" means that a person or thing isn't very _________.
2.The name of the first official groundhog is _____ _________ (two words)
4.February 2nd is also known as ______ _________ (two words)
7.In 1999 Wiarton used a ___________ groundhog instead of a live one.
8.Groundhog Day is belived to be a _____________ custom.
9.Groundhogs __________ during the winter.
10.Other _________ also celebrate Groundhog Day.
12.The ___________ brought it to North America in 1887.
13.All three groundhogs predicted another ____ weeks of winter in 2009.

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