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Trennbare Verben

Deutsch 1 Einheit 7

1 2     3        
4   5  
  6   7                
8             9    
      11   12  
13         14
  16   17                      
18                       19  

2.to start / begin
7.to pay attention
8.to stop / end
10.to write down
17.to write on the board
18.to copy from the board
20.to watch TV
21.to go with / to go along with
22.to put on / to get dressed
1.to listen
3.to take off / to get undressed
4.to call (on the phone)
5.to slam shut
6.to pick up (a person)
9.to look up (in a dictionary)
11.to open
12.to play something to/for somebody
13.to open (up) (normally something printed)
14.to read out aloud
15.to wake up
16.to put/switch off
19.to put/switch on

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