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7 Tenets of Tang Soo Do

Jennifer Rusciani

This puzzle was developed to help a children's class learn the seven tenets of Tang Soo Do

1           2    
3                       4

1.When your teachers tell you to concentrate in class, they want your full...
3.If someone makes fun of you and hurts your feelings, you need to use _____-_______ and not call them names back
5.This word means you can get through anything as long as you try your best
6.If your parents tell you to clean your room before you play video games, you need to listen to them. This is called...
7.If you make a mistake, it might make you feel embarrassed, but it you have ___________, you will know that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you admit to them and try to fix them
8.This is another word for honesty
2.When something is really hard and you want to give up, you must know that you have an ____________ _______ and cannot be defeated. Don't give up!
4.When talking to your parents or someone in charge of you, they need you to ________ them

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