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physics crossword

vanessa samayoa


1 2 3
4 5                    
    11             12   13      
14 15   16      

5.the height of a wave crest
7.a parallel beam of light passing through the lens diverges
8.a description of a continuosly variable signal ar a circut
9.the plate at which light rays converge
10.a lens that causes parallel beam of light rays to diverge
11.a lens that is thinner at its edges than in the center
16.the path followed by a very thin beam of light
17.the lowest point in on a wave
18.a curved , grounded and polished peice
19.a wave of a fixed duration the particles of the medium are at rest until the pulse arrives
20.the number of waves produced per unit time
1.the superposition of two waves traveling in diffrent directions
2.describes the relationship between the index of refraction and the ratio of the sine of the angle
3.a pluse or a wave in which the motion of the medium is perpendicular
4.the distance between two identical points
6.the change in direction of a light beam
12.the distance that light travels in a year
13.at right angles ; perpendicular
14.description of data that is stored or tramsmitted as a sequence
15.a spot on a standing wave where the medium is motionless

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