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Reflection and Color. Ch 15-3


  3 4 5 6
8     9                            
  10 11                
16           17                    

2.materials reflect or absorb all the light that falls on them
7.the distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave
8.This occurs when light bounces off an object in different angles resulting in a fuzzy image. (2 Words)
11.the number of waves that pass by a point each second
12.materials that allow visible light to pass through easily
13.the light that is bounced off the surface of an object
14.the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection (3 Words)
15.the angle at which an incoming light source approaches (3 Words)
16.an area from which light is blocked
17.materials transmit light, but objects cannot be seen clearly through it
1.7 colors of light (just first letters)
3.The angle at which light bounces, or reflects (3 Words)
4.___ light is made of entire spectrum
5.light that is trapped by matter
6.red green and blue are the ___ colors of light
9.___ only allow certain colors through them
10.a likeness produced by reflection

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