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Mrs. Gosling

1 2   3               4
8             9      
12             13

2.Used to pass the ball to the setter when receiving the serve or when playing any ball below the waist. (two words)
5.A shot off the fingertips used instead of the spike to hit the ball over the blockers head.
6.A spike that cannot be returned.
7.An official team consists of ________ players.
8.The game is played to __________ points. (two words)
10.The winning team must have a ______ point advantage.
12.The bump should be hit off the ______ of a player.
15.A defensive play by a player in the front row who places their hands and arms above the net to the spiked ball and rebounds into the opponents court.
16.A ball may only be volleyed _______ times before it is sent over the net.
1.The _______ forward should serve after the right back.
3.A point awarded to the team that wins that particular point; either team may be serving. (two words)
4.Hits from the back right to begin the game.
7.This is a skill performed using both hands above the forehead.
9.A ball touching the boundary line is considered________.
11.A clockwise movement of the players before receiving the ball from the opponent to serve.
13.When the serving team fails to win a point. (two words)
14.Method of forcefully hitting the ball in a downward direction.

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