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Social Psychology Chap.1

Megan C.

  5   6             7       8
14                                   15    

3.The view that biological factors play an important role in social behavior
6.Procedures at the conclusion of a research session in which participants are given full info about the nature of the research and the hypothesis(es) under investigation
9.A method of research in which a scientist systematically observes two or more variables to determine whether changes in one are accompanied by changes in another
10.A technique whereby researchers withhold info about the purposes or procedures of a study from people participating in it
11.The variable that is measured in an experiment
12.A method of research in which a large number of people answer questions about thier attitudes or behavior
13.A method of research in which one or more factors (IV) are systematically changed to determine whether such variables affect one or more other factors (DV)
14.A variable that is affected by an IV and then influences a DV; they help explain why or how specific variables influence social behavior or though in certain ways
16.The extent to which findings of an experiment can be generalized to real-life social situations and perhaps to people different from those who participated in the research
17.A method of research in which behavior is systematically observed and recorded
18.All participants have an equal chance of being exposed to each level of the IV
1.A focus on understanding the cultural and ethnic factors that influence social behavior
2.Refers to a tendency for one event to change as the other changes
4.An as yet unverified prediction concerning some aspect of social behavior or social thought
5.Efforts by scientists in any field to answer the ?;involves attempts to understand why certain events or processes occur as they do
7.The variable that is systematically changed in an experiment
8.A procedure in which research participants are provided as much info as possible about the research project before deciding whether to participate or not
15.Changeable aspects of the natural world

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