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Words of the World

Miss Jacobson

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1.a mixture of dried fruit and tapioca in a sweetened liquid, served cold
3.type of fish served in a white creamy sauce over mashed potatoes
5.hearty blend of white beans, meats, duck, and garlic sauce.
7.rich candy made of ground almonds and sugar
8.Tea served with a non-sweet dish that is somewhere between an appetizer and a main course.
12.cutlet of veal
14.short, graine rice simmered carefully in stock
15.beet soup
16.dark, heavy, moist bread of rye and wheat.
17.appetizers like salads, pickled vegetables, and cheeses
18.crushed buckwheat served with meat
22.chips, crisps
27.A tasty variation of baking-powder biscuits
28.Leftover ground lamb or beef cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and seasonings. It is covered with mash potatoes and baked.
32.seasoned, melted, cheddar cheese on toast.
33.Crumpets (served with tea)
34.similar to cottage cheese
35.cornmeal mush, sometimes cooled, sliced, and fried
2."sandwhich board" or a collect of meats, fish, vegetables, salads, and hot dishes
4.open faced sandwhiches
6.cold vegetable soup
9.hearty soup that combines several types of fish, tomatoes, and herbs
10.flaky, buttery with sugar. Served with almonds or jam
13.an omlet made with potatoes, onions, and green peppers
19."high cooking"
20.veal dipped in egg, breaded, and fried
21.coffee cake topped with flour, sugar, butter, nuts, and cinnamon
23.resaurants that specialize in small servings of foods ranging from main dish to salad items
24.soup made from saurkraut
26.small buckwheat pancakes served with caviar
29.adding stock or a liquid to a defatted saute pan to loosen up the browned on particles
30.vegetable course, served after main course
31.fried strips of dough

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