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Red Pyramid Crossword

Anthony Soltys

3 4 5   6 7      
8             9    
12       13          
      16   17
  18         19    
    20     21        
24 25              
26         27    

2.egyptian god of knowledge, crerator of the House of Life
7.egyptian eyeliner
8.greater evil that used Set to do his biding and create more chaos, monster Bast had to fight when she was trapped in the duat
10.carter's uncle
11.egyptian writings
12.king of the gods. nut's huband whe she had the gods born on the demon days
13.amos's brother
14.god that sadie is hosting
15.sadie's brother
16.number of days in a year that julius got to see sadie
18.god that julius was hosting
20.gos that zia was hosting
23.people who took sadie after their daughter died. they blamed julius for her death
25.julius's daughter
26.region with many uses to magicians. can be used for quick travel, store imprtant items, even trap monsters and gods
27.egyptian god of chaos who tries to destroy the world
28.father of osiris, isis, horus, nephthys, set
1.regions the House of Life is split into. Egypt is #1 and New York is #21
3.city in new york with other gods and other problems
4.magical relic that julius used to summon osiris and his siblings
5.city where set builds his pyramid. final destination of carter and sadie's journey
6.helps carter and sadie escape desjardins
7.baboon that lives with amos and helps carter and sadie
9.chief lecktor who hunts carter and sadie relentlessly
17.egyptian monuments of power. ie washington monument, cleopatra's needle
19.clay or wax figures made by magicians in order to help that magician
21.god that carter is hosting
22.egyptian god of cats, protects carter and sadie
23.number of demon days nut added to a year in order to have her children
24.mother of osiris, isis, horus, nephthys, set

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