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Solar System Review Crossword 2011

Mr. Schroeter

1 2 3
  5     6
9     10     11
    12             13                  
        14         15      
16                       17      
  19             20       21  
22 23     24          
      27           28

4.Unmanned space crafts that take pictures and collect data.
7.A group of stars that have been given an animal/god/etc. name due to its shape.
8.A region in our Solar System that contains large and small pieces of rock/iron.
12.The largest planet that has a huge raging storm known as the Red Spot.
13.A collapsed star that absorbs light and matter - nothing can escape.
14.This planet is marked by craters and is the closest to the sun.
16.Large pieces of rock floating in space.
17.The color of the coolest stars.
18.A space object that has a head and tail.
19.The term used for the outer planets.
24.This planet rotates clockwise and is tipped on its side.
25.The action verb for an object spinning/orbiting around another object.
26.An outer planet that has the most visible rings.
27.Smaller pieces of rock that burn in the planet's atmosphere and create a streak of light
29.The time it takes the Earth to spin around its axis one complete time.
1.This planet has a thin atmosphere and may once have had water.
2.The direction that the planets orbit around the Sun.
3.The time it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun one complete time.
5.Small pieces of rock that have hit a planet/moon.
6.The color of the hottest stars.
7.The direction that Venus and Uranus spin on their axis.
9.The scientific tool that allowed early astronomers to view space.
10.This planet is covered in thick clouds of sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide
11.Smaller pieces of rock floating in space.
15.The term used for the inner planets.
19.The force that "holds" the planets and other objects around our sun.
20.This planet also has a raging storm known as the Dark Spot and is blue like the sea.
21.This planet is in the Goldilocks region of our Solar System.
22.Gas clouds in space from which stars, planets, etc. are formed.
23.The action verb of an object that spins around an imaginary line/axis.
28.A bubbling ball of hydrogen and helium gas.

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