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Aboriginal Cultures Before European Contact


Answers can be found in the handouts. Two-word answers have a space between each word.

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4.The Mi"kmaq culture was a _________ one; spending no more than six months in each area.
7.The Huron tribes lived in ____________, surrounded by a protective wall.
8.Iroquoian women did most of the ___________ using a hoe.
11.A society where the woman's family lines control the tribe is called _________.
14.The _______ was very important to the life of the Plains people.
15.It is thought that the Iroquoian people originated from __________>
1.To get married and divorced was an easy affair, a man just had to _______ in or out of the bride's family house.
2.More than ________ languages were spoken amount the Aboriginal people.
3.A Mi"kmaq chief was called a __________ and was very powerful.
5.Fishing and hunting were the main ways of life for the __________.
6.__________ people were farming and hunting tribes.
9.A word that means from this area, origin of this place.
10.The Mi"Kmaq tribes were from the area known today as _____ ________ (two words)
12.The people from the north are called the _________.
13.Mi"kmaq society often captured other people from other tribes and made them ______.

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