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Greek Mythology


In this puzzle, you must solve the names of the ancient dieties of Greece, monsters, heroes, and imaginary places. Enjoy!

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  48       49    

1.king of the gods; god of lightning and the sky
2.mother of Achilles; dipped him in the river Styx
8.drove a chariot across the sky, the embodiment of the sun, not THE god of the sun
12.god of war and blood-shed, despite this, he is cowardly
13.Athena won this city in a contest against Posiedon
14.animal of Athena
15.father of the first five Olympians
17.Muse of astronomy
19.wife of Cronos
20.rode a chariot across the night sky, the embodiment of the moon, not THE goddess of the moon
21.goddess of the moon, animals, the hunt, and young girls
22.goddess of wisdom and battle strategy
23.animal of Artemis
26.the embodiment of the sky, father of the Titans
27.Muse of epics; mother of Orpheus
30.mother of Hermes, wife to Zeus
32.god of the sea and horses
34.was born from sea foam, goddess of love and beauty
35.goddess of the hearth and home
38.strongest man in the world
40.goddess of the dawn
41.god of fire and blacksmiths, had a workshop in the middle of a volcano!
42.mother earth, wife of Uranus
44.god of wine, partying, and madness
46.three monsters like Medusa with snake as hair and stares that turned people to stone
47.opened a mysterious vase and unleashed the worst problems of mankind (disease, lying, envy, etc.)
48.killed Medusa with a magic scythe using the reflection on his shield
50.ferryman of the dead
51."What walks on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at night?"
2.Muse of comedy
3.the river the dead crossed to live in the Underworld
4.god of the north wind
5.god of trickery, commerce, and merchandise
6.animal of Aphrodite
7.killed the Minotaur
9.prince of Troy, was assigned to award the golden apple (he gave it to Aphrodite)
10.three winged beasts who punished the evil with fiery whips
11.hundred-headed reptilian beast; had poisonous breath
14.tree of Athena
16.god of the dead; ruled the underworld
18.was once a beautiful girl, was cursed by Athena and turned into a hideous beast
21.killed the Calydonian Boar; fastest runner in Greece
22.god of the sun, archery, medicine, poetry, music, and prophecy
24.man with a bull head; lived in a labyrinth underneath the palace of Crete
25.pours nectar and ambrosia for the Olymipians
28.stole fire from the Olympians and gave it to Man
29.three-headed dog that guarded the underworld
31.son of Aphrodite; more popularly known as Cupid
33.god of the west wind
36.Titan that carries the Earth on his shoulders
37.goddess of marriage
39.had a lion, goat, and snake head; spit fire
43.animal of Dionysus
45.went to the Underworld to get his Eurydice back
49.goddess of discord, Ares' buddy

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