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The Toyota Model Finder

Justice and Becky

Find the 20 Toyota Models that are listed below. Prove that you are familiar with Toyota Models.

1 2 3 4    
    5 6        
13     14        

3.One of the smallest saloon cars that has been sold by TGCL (4)
5.A predominant US Pick Up. Mostly Used by Ghana Police (6)
8.A sleek American Spec Executive car. Add G to my last 3 letters and you get my length (6)
9.When I jump High, I Land. (10)
10.The commonest Toyota hybrid Model (5)
11.I am an SUV who comes to TGCL from South Africa (8)
12.The only truck sold by TGCL (4)
13.I am a Bus. (7)
17.Cute Mini Bus. (5)
18.A mini SUV, Its an American Model. It has 3 "A"s in the name (6)
1.A min-bus. It starts with S. (6)
2.A huge Toyota Pickup, American specification (6)
4.The high Executive saloon model on the TGCL model line (5)
6.TGCL brings this model form TMUK
7.You can call me the King of 4x4 (11)
10.I am a baby Land cruiser (5)
13.The World's most common car (7)
14.A huge Toyota SUV, American specification, starts with S (7)
15.I am a family bus. I start with P and end with A
16.I am beyond tough. I am all over the mining area (5)

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