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Art Appreciation Review - Audubon, Lichtenstein, Kahlo

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3.What disease did Frida Kahlo have as a child which damaged her right leg?
6.Frida Kahlo was born and lived most of her life in what country?
8.What is another name for "Viviparous Quadrupeds"?
10.Frida Kahlo is the only _____ artist we have studied.
11.What did John James Audubon's like to draw life-sized?
12.John James Audubon moved from France to this state near N.J. when he was 18.
15.Lichtenstein taught _____ classes at Rutgers.
16.An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a _________.
17.Lichtenstein's style of art is called ______ Art because it uses things found in popular culture.
1.Roy Lichtenstein's "Crying Girl" painting was shown in "Night at the _______" movie.
2.After Roy Lichtenstein's children challenged him to copy a Mickey Mouse cartoon, he began imitating __________.
4.Which artist is a World War II Veteran?
5.Most of Lichtenstein's paintings used white, black, and _________ colors.
7.Which of the three artists we studied married another famous artist?
9.After a horrible ___________ Frida Kahlo began to paint to fill her many hours in bed.
13.What did John James Audubon tie around a bird's leg to learn if birds return to the same place each year?
14.Which artist could draw with both hands at the same time?

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