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Chapter 13

Monica Hurst

Review puzzle for Chapter 13 of Our Social World.

1 2 3 4
    5               6          
  7 8     9    

5.jobs related to indsutries that provide services to the public, offers a wide range of employement opportunities.
10.many people are choosing to work here because it offers greater flexibility, which allows workers to balance family responsibilities with careers. Convenience of casual dress, no travel time.
15.jobs related to the large-scale production of material goods.
18.a group whose phsyical appearance indicates that it is not a member of the majority
19.the attempt to make goods and services available on a worldwide basis by offfering customers a standard product that eppeals to tastes in different societies and cultures.
20.are material items such as food, clothing, and shelter.
21.this was useful in the industrial economy; using a mechanical process to make large quantities of a standardized product.
1.the social institution that organizes how goods and services are produced, distributed and consumed.
2.the concentration of men and women in different occupations, still occuring in the workplace despite the movement of women into non-traditional types of work.
3.a period of at least six consecutive months of decreased prosperity associated with a decline in production and employment
4.a 6 step process: negotiations, mediation, strike, lock-out, arbitration, contract.
6.this would be ideal for a person who enjoys being their own boss. It also has become a growing trend due to the recession of the 1990's.
7.are activities that benefit others such as the work of physicians, polce officers, and teachers.
8.undergone a transformation; the number and proportion of employed women have increased significantly
9.can be devastating to individuals and their families, some face _________ because of a disability or illness, others face ________ because there are no job opportunities.
11.wrote about popular culture and the influence of electronic media. As far back as the 1960s, he popularized the concept of the global village.
12.this allows students to schedule their work around their classes, also allows those with family responsibilities to stagger their hours to manage time more effectively. The opposite from full time work.
13.are organizations that represent the workers' point of view to the employer.
14.the idea that the world is becoming one large community with interconnected needs and services.
16.an _______________ revolution took place as people learned to plant crops and domesticate animals to provide a more certain and stable existance. This is the ___________ economy.
17.paid employment in the labour force

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