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Networking & Telecommunication

Francisco Perez

1 2 3                
6                       7  
9 10      
  11     12                        
              14 15
16     17                                            
19                 20       21  
    23             24  
25     26                       27
30                                                   31
        34         35        
  37             38                        

2.a black and white image as in photography or on television
5.the common display technology used in a graphics based screens
6.Any machine that feeds data into a computer
8.light in which electric magnetic vibrations oscillate repeatedly in only one direction perpendicualr to the direction of propagation
12.the available colors in a computers display system
13.to bring in extra amount of data before playing the audio or video
17.a high resolution video display mode that provides screen pixel resolution
19.the distance between a red dot and the closest red dot to a color monitor
25.a type of graphic composed of pixels in a grid
29.used to describe graphic adapter of handeling resolutions
30.is a process in which signals having a few usually 2 defined levels or states digital are converted into signals
33.us a distinct phase of matter seperate from traditional solids
34.organic light emmitting diode
35.liquid crystal display
36.a type of lcd display used for same portable computers
37.a device that captures images from photographic prints
38.is a tool used to convert hand drawin images into a format suitable for computer processing
1.a small device that a computer user pushes across a desk surface
3.the electronic identification and digital encoding of printed or handwritten characters by a means of an optical scanner
4.interface specification that enables 3d graphics to display quickly
7.introduced in 1981 was ibm's first color graphics
9.an expance of open or cleared ground
10.refers to the region of a cathode ray tube or a liquid crystal monitor that is capable of rendering images
11.is the computer display stand and of specification located between the cgat, vga
12.a device of computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream on signal
14.cathod ray tubes
15.the act processor technique of selecting an appropriate sample
16.musical instrument digital interface
18.similar to a mouse exept that with a light pen you can move the pointer exactly to where you want it
20.the number of times the image is repainted
21.a condition characterized by pain and numbling or tingling sensation in the hand
22.the electrode especially in a cathode ray tube that produces a beam of accelerated electrons
23.an assembly of one or more electro magnets that is placed around the neck of an electron beam tube
24.the continuance of an effect often the cause of it was stopped
26.moving picture experts group is a working group of iso
27.Records and stores photo graphic images
28.electronic device that scans a barcode
31.qualities or size or an image
32.perferated metal sheet that ensures that the electron beam hits only the correctly colored phosphor dots
33.the resolution
35.light emitting diode

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