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Vocatives and Greeks

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2.'vocative' comes from the Latin verb, 'to _________'
3.Latin word for 'boy'
7.vocative of 'Neptunus'
8.the Trebouchet was the largest of these
9.Basic weapon found in a phalanx
10.Blind road and aqueduct builder
13.the aggressive, fighting Greek City-State
17.Greek goddess of war
18.name of Greek footsoldier
21.vocative of Brutus
23.The family name 'Franks' means 'son of _________'
25.Latin preposition for 'across'
27.Greek soldier shin guards
28.number of men in a phalanx (in Roman numerals)
29.The Latin for 'Way' in 'Appian Way'
30.vocative for 'Caesar'
31.vocative of 'filius'
32.the vocative is the noun of ___________address in English
33.A Greek footsoldier would pack a _________day meal for battle
1.most Greek helmets made from this
2.the island of Cyprus is named for this common metal
4.'Iosephe' is the ____________ form for 'Iosephus'
5.A Greek ship had a sail shaped like a ______________
6.A piece of shattered pottery used for voting by the Greeks
11.Roman god of war
12.Weapon for Roman footsoldier (in Latin)
14.the Greek City known as the 'Home of Democracy'
16.Latin preposition for 'under, beneath'
19.Vocative for 'puellae
20.'testudo' was a military formation that looked like this animal
22.'forest of spears'
24.this kind of 'fire' burned enemy ships
26.The meaning of 'et'
30.Spartan shields had this shape

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