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Fear of a Black Hat

Ice Tray & Yo Yo Yogurt

Greatest. Movie. Ever.

1 2 3     4
5     6         7       8  
  9                   10      
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  26         27            
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  30 31             32                     33
      35         36   37            
39           40            
41             42                    
  43         44   45   46
48   49   50  

2.How many people in the funky four
6.Filmmaker Nina _________
9.The Jam Boys work has been described as rich emotional ________
10.Tastey's bomb manufacturer
11.Hit the scene long after the first sensitive black man
13.New Human __________
15.The new village where Ice played a cop
16.Track from 'Extreme Use of Force' (two words)
17.If you're pre-disposed to smiling, this is the position for you
18.He's a dickhead
19.Whose eyes?
22.Naturally ___________ gonna get, like, ahead
23.One of the places Cheryl has been. Sexually, that is.
24.Despite claims he ain't got nuthin, he makes babies sell his illegal product
25.NWH's first record label (two words)
26.He was short, angry and near-sighted long before y'all motherfuckers
27.Provides Tastey with advice on whose ass to kick
31.Also _______ motherfuckin' guest
32.N.W. (embarrassing medical condition)
34.Yo yo...
35.Political Unrest Stabilizes this
37.How many dead cops NWH wanted on the pile for their album cover
38.What you take to get there
40.Bald and ______
41.Cheryl's the only one concerned about this aspect of T's life
42.Weapon Tastey Taste was shot with
43.What type of duty it is to bang the booty
44.Ice's preferred dress colors
47.Jam Boys past heist
49.Where Santa isn't necessarily coming to
51.The state of registration for Tastey's guns
1.The brothers from the NOI will drop your ass like a bad one of these
3.Where NWH could be found during the riots (three words)
4.Tastey's previous field
5.They're low in cholesterol and high in protein
7.Female bitches
8.The complexion Tastey shares with Marcus Garvey (two words)
12.Controversial unreleased NWH album (two words)
14.The source of booty juice, of course
20.According to Tastey, one of the Jam Boys looks like a bottle of this
21.Ice's solo album sat there and stank like this on the street
24.Tone's cousin who always endorses him
27.Can often by found hanging out in the midst
28.Their lives ain't fun
29.Big butt women in tiny _______
30.Straight Outta Da ____
31.Motherfucker's call him MC _______ behind his back
33.One of the perpetrators (two words)
35.Where they likes the shits and dicks (two words)
36.Number of pagers worn by Ice Cold
39.He was a dickhead
40.Fucks everybody but you
45.Whitey DeLuca's complexion
46.According to a rival group, what hats ain't
48.FYM follow-up

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