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video displays &input devices

joseph p.

a simple way of knowing your devices for the computer

1                                   2     3
  5 6           7
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  28                                 29
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36                                 37    

1.a type of flat panel display
4.device or computer program capable of encoding
6.workin group of exerpts that was formed by iso and iec
9.type of flat panel display common to large tv displays
10.describes paintings drawings designs or photographs in one color
12.the ibm computer display standard
14.was ibm's first color graphics card
15.number of times in a second that hardware draws data
18.a vaccum tube containing an electronic gun and a flourescent screen
19.a digital tv or display's number of distinct pixels
20.mechanical or electronic transation of scanned images
22.diophatic media neurophaty at the carpal tunnel
23.a dressing scheme used in earlier lcd displays
25.convertin continous colors into discrete color components
26.one of two major technologiesused to manufactureray tubes
28.a device used in a cathoderag tube
30.a computer specificallt designed to reliably operate in hard usage environments
32.a computer input device that allows one to hand draw images
33.is the lcd and plasma display equivalent
34.computer input device in the form of a light sensitive wand
35.type of memory arganization or image file format
36.property of certain types of waves
37.a thin flat elctronic visual display
38.storage media used in telecommunicating compensates for a difference in rate of flow of data
1.high speed point to point channel for attaching a video card
2.asemiconductor light source
3.device that optically scans images pictures etc.
5.component used in a painting system
6.pointing device by detecting two-dimensional motions
7.electric device for reading barcodes
8.a light- emmiting divided in which the emissive electroluminescent laser
11.device that converts a digital code to analog code
13.encodes images digitally
14.infinte set of colors for the management of distinguished images
16.electrical component that produces on electron beam
17.ibm display standard introduced in 1990
21.device that can be used to insert data
24.a broad term that converts a wide range of computer isplay standards
27.industry standard protocal that enables electronic musical instruments and other sources to communicate with each other
29.a single point in a raster image
31.a specification for a computer display

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