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The Beatles' Early Career

G. Herriges

A comprehensive test of the early years of The Beatles

1 2 3
4           5
  6 7 8                
10               11                  
  14                   15
      16 17    
  18   19                  
21   22            
23           24         25         26
27       28      
30         31 32        
33       34        

4.British radio show, "Saturday -"
7.Beatles roadie, Neil
10.The Beatles toured with Helen-
11.The Beatles' record label
12.The Everly Brothers, Don and-
13.The Beatles' accent was known as-
14.John's first wife
19."Roll over-"
20.Billy J.-
22.The Beatles' producer, George-
23.Lead singer of the Ronettes
24.The Beatles' third single release, "From Me to -"
25.The Beatle who sang "Do You Want to Know a Secret"
27.Songwriting team, Goffin &-
30.The Beatles recoded at - Road Studios
32.TV show, "Thank Your Lucky-"
33.Brian Epstein's management company
34."I Saw Her Standing--"
35.The Beatles toured with Tommy-
1.John's first son
2.Britain's top-rated variety show, "Sunday Night at the London-"
3.Theater in Harlem that The Beatles wanted to see
5.British rocker, Cliff-
6.Last name of Gerry of Gerry and the Pacemakers
8.Host of The Baetles' first American TV show performance, Ed-
9.Name of the hyper condition The Beatles inspired
10.Producer of the Ronettes, Phil-
13.General Hospital in which John's son was born
14.Liverpool venue for The Beatles
15.Final song on their first album, "Twist and -"
16.The name of Aunt Mimi's house
17.Number of songs on The Beatles' first album
18.The name of The Beatle's sound
19.Beatles publicity man who worked for Brian, Tony-
21.The Beatle who Epstein was in love with
22.DJ in New York "--the K"
26.Sent The Beatles a telegram of congratulations
28.John and Brian went on holiday to-
29.Ringo used to drum for Rory-
31.Maureen Cleave wrote that Ringo was "ugly but -"

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