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Civics Final Review

Name ____________________

1 2 3 4 5
  6       7                
10           11                    
16         17                      
        19                 20
      23             24        
25       26              
    27 28      
29           30 31                              
  33                         34  
          35 36
37                     38          
      39         40       41      
45                   46                

7.art of dealing with foreign governments
8.head of the Department of Justice
11.number of amendments to the U.S. Constitution
12.1966 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them
14.the most powerful officer in Congress
15.Exercising your right to ______________ has a great impact on the country's system of government.
17.1954 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that segregated public schools are unconstitutional
19.official court order thta requires a person to appear in court
21.term for the order in which the office of the president is to be filled if it becomes vacant
22.process of drawing congressional district lines to favor a political party
23.resident of a congressional district
25.A member of the Senate must have been a citizen of the U.S. for at least _______ years.
26.a proposed law being considered by a lawmaking body
29.written agreement between nations
31.our U.S. representative to Congress
32.number of amendments to the Constitution
33.the father of the Constitution
37.their symbol is the elephant
39.one of our U.S. Senators
42.method of delaying action on a bill in the Senate by making long speeches
43.this branch interprets the law
44.Congressional limitation on the president's military powers
45.the first chief justice of the Supreme Court
46.this branch enforces the law
47.assistant to teh floor leader in each house of Congress who tries to persuade party members to vote for bills the party supports
48.trial jury of six to twelve persons
49.The introductory portion of the Constitution is called the ________________.
1.a nation's lan for dealing with other nations of the world
2.this branch makes the law
3.right of a member of Congress to mail official letters free of charge
4.earlier court decision tht guides judges' decision in later cases
5.branch of Congress whose membership is based on population
6.this group feared that the Articles of Confederation could not keep the country united.
9.branch of Congress based on equal representation
10.presidential action forgiving a person convicted of a crime
13.combined meeting of both houses of Congress,sometimes called by the president
16.The ________________________ of the United States is the president of the Senate.
18.power of the Supreme Court to determine whether a law passed by Congess or a presidential action is unconstitutional
20.The president ________________ is by custom the longest-serving member of the majority party.
24.The president suggests new programs and policies in an annual State of the _____________ Address.
27.The ______________________ went into effect in 1789.
28.current chief justice of the Supreme Court
30.One of the most important features of the U.S. Constitution is its ________________.
34.president's power to postpone the carrying out of a prison sentences
35.their symbol is the donkey
36.one of our U.S. Senators
38.PA's governor
40.to be an elected president of the U.S., a person must be at least ____________ years old.
41.this is the onl amendment to the Constitution that has been repealed

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