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1 2              
  3   4 5              
        7         8
          9   10          
11             12                      
  13               14                    
15           16          
19                               20      
            21           22   23
        24 25        
    28       29              
30                           31    
          32       33      
34 35   36          
  37 38               39          
42             43    

2.the primacy of a central pitch (tonic) in a scale / the tonic gives the other notes in scale a sense of order and function
4.(decibels) = Dynamics (loud & soft)
7.A melody with words
10.the sub-section of a song in which the text is repeated / main lyrical idea or emotional message
11.a recurring pattern of weak & strong pulses
12.Sharps & Flats
13.the weaving together of various parts into a musical piece / the number of melodic lines played at one time with or without harmonic accompaniment
14.a buzzing or fuzzy tone color achieved by overdriving the vacuum tubes on an amplifier / this sound effect can be simulated using solid state or digital sound processors
16.a larger subsection of a melody / antecedent & consequence
17.a recurring sequence of chords that provides harmonic accompaniment for a melody
18.single melody without harmonic accompaniment
19.size (quantity) / mode (quality & shape)
21.Rhythm (long & short)
26.pentatonic (five notes) / hexatonic (six notes) / septatonic (seven notes) / octatonic (eight notes)
27.the mode of a scale / quality & character
28.a simple, recurring melodic idea or rhythmic pattern
29.the distance between two pitches / Melodic & Harmonic
30.A to G
32.an out-of-control sound oscillation that occurs when the output of a loudspeaker enters a microphone or electric instrument pick-up and is re-amplified / this process creates a sound loop that grows with intensity until deliberately stopped
38.the speed of the basic pulse
39.two or more notes sounded simultaneously
40.Amplitude (wave size) / Frequency (wave speed) / Duration (wave length) / Overtones (wave quality)
42.a “catchy” or memorable music phrase or pattern
44.(high & low) / A = 440 cycles per second
46.a sequence of pitches of different durations in musical time
47.— the sub-sections of a song in which the text changes with each successive poetic unit / storytelling
48.Pitch level
1.standard song form developed by Blues singers in 1800s
2.standard song form developed by Tin Pan Alley songwriters
3.Repetition (AAA) / Variation (A1A2A3) / Contrast (ABC)
5.a significant shift or change in a musical piece
6.a fragment of a melodic or rhythmic sequence
7.A set of pitches
8.two or more melodic lines played simultaneously
9.— a song that consists of sub-sections with both recurring lyrics (chorus / refrain) & changing poetic text (verse)
15.the scientific study of sound / a branch of Physics
20.Monophony, Polyphony, Homophony
22.Timbre(Pure & complex)
23.the channeled flow of a recurring rhythmic pattern
24.basic tonality & modality of a musical piece
25.reversal of normal pattern of weak & strong pulses
31.pure wave (tone) / chaotic wave (noise)
33.the basic underlying unit of musical time
34.melody with harmonic accompaniment
35.Duple (2) / Triple (3) / Additive (2+3) / Non-metric (pulseless)
36.Major & Minor
37.the interaction between two or more notes sounded simultaneously / Consonance (rest) / Dissonance (tension)
41.a sequence of sounds and silences in musical time
43.short for “reverberation” / the prolongation of a sound by virtue of an ambient acoustical space / this sound effect can be simulated using electronic or digital processors
45.the structure of a musical piece / blue print / road map

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