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FRH Henry

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1.To heat the oven to the temperature called for int eh recipe before putting the food in to bake
4.An uncooked mixture of flour, liquid, and other ingredients
5.Mass of microscopic oval shaped plants that grows rapidly in warm water; used as a leavener
7.A stiff dough made of flour, salt, some form of fat and small amount of liquid
8.Final rising of bread dough occuring between shaping and baking
11.An uncooked mixture usually containing flour, liquid, and seasonings that is soft enough to be worked with your hands, but is too stiff to pour
12.The brighlty colored outer layer of the peel of a citrus fruit. It is grated to add flavor
14.To combine ingredients until soft, smooth, and creamy with a spoon or mixer
15.To mix gently by lifting from botton to top, then folding over
16.Work dough with hands by repeating a folding motion, pressing forward, and turning
17.Another term for "fast" breads
19.To let hot food stand until it feels cool
2.TBL, T., Tbsp
3.To cook in an oven
4.To mix ingredients rapidly with a mixer, spoon, or fork
6.tsp., t.
9.Rub the sides and bottom of a pan or proofing bowl with shortening
10.America's favorite dessert
13.To put dry ingredients, such as flour, through a sifter or strainer
18.To cut ingredients into pieces; coarse means large pieces and fine means small pieces

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