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The Word: Funny Pick up Lines

B. Kujawa, M. Newman, N. Carr

Funny pick up lines, fill in the blank. Results may vary.

1   2   3   4
    5         6      
    8 9        

1.Here I am, what are you other 2 ______?
5.Hi I'm Mr. ____, someone said you were looking for me
6.Do you believe in ____ at first sight or should I walk by again?
9.So do you come here ______?
10.If I told you that you had a _____ body would you hold it against me?
11.So, how am I _____?
12.Are you from _____, cuz ur the only ten I see?
14.Did it hurt, when you fell from _____?
15.Is your dad a ____, cuz you have a nice set of buns.
2.I think you have something in your eye, nope, just a _____.
3.Do you have a map, cuz I'm getting lost in your ____?
4.Do you have any raisins, how bout a _____?
5.Are you tired, cuz you've been _____ thru my mind all day.
6.I ____ my number, can I have yours?
7.How much does a ________ weigh? Just enough to break the ice
8.I'm no Fred _____, but I can make your bedrock.
13.Can I take ur pic, I want to tell _____ what I want for xmas?

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