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4.reflected sound wave
5.a measure of the amount of matter in an object
10.property of light wave which is determined by its wavelength
12.used to detect small amount of emf
13.a solid having 6 square faces
14.part of a shadow from which all light is excluded
15.the rate of change of displacement
17.the product of the force and the time of contact between two bodies
20.a vector quantity that represents the rate of change in velocity
22.the mass per unit volume of a substance
24.scattering of white light behind an obstruction
26.bending of the light wave as it enters obliquely into another medium of a different density
27.the turning effect of a force on a body
29.number of revolutions or cycles completed by an object in a given time
31.force of attraction between two different molecules
32.distance from rest to a crest or from rest to a trough
35.the SI unit for work and energy which is equal to one newton-meter
36.total path length which is a scalar quantity
38.substances whose molecules have greater freedom of movement, enabling them to flow
39.reproduction of an object by a mirror or lens
40.transparent substance which has at least one nonparallel surface
1.a common electric component used to convert electrical energy into heat
2.study of the effects of electricity and magnetism
3.is an upward acting force exerted by a fluid, that opposes an object's weight
6.amount of force that causes displacement of an object
7.part of a sphere which is curved inward toward an observer
8.a disturbance that travels through a medium
9.tendency of an object to persist in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line
11.superimposition of two waves of lightproducing a loss of energy in certain cases.
16.device that can increase or decrease emf input
18.measure of force that acts at a certain area of an object
19.transfer of heat energy by electro magnetic waves
21.state or condition wherein there is no net force acting on an object
23.the property of some media to transmit light waves in a diffused manner to make object behind them undistinguishable
25.total space occupied by an object
28.parallel rays ofof light taken together as one
30.force of attraction between two similar molecules
33.portion of radiant energy visible to an observer
34.is the region in which only a portion of the light source is obscured by the occluding body
37.change in dimension that the object undergoes as a result of stress

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