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Hockey Goalies

Richard Mayer

A Puzzle Embracing NHL Goalies

1 2     3   4
  5     6  
7           8      
    10           11  
13   14               15    
16         17          
      18 19   20            
      21 22                    
23                   24
25 26           27 28         29    
32           33   34   35            
38       39
40           41              
    42       43
44     45         46  
  48       49         50
52     53 54        
55       56  

2.Goalie .....
6.Games Played
7.Home country of Karri Ramo
10.L.A. King great
14.Atlanta Flames goalie
16.Won Gold in 1980
20.Goalie coach who played with the Stars and Penguins
22.Nordiques Mario ........
23.Inventor of the mask
27.Where Cheevers and Peeters played
29.Abbreviation for 'average'
30.Russian goalie great
32.St-Louis goalie, Glenn
34.Ranger goalie Giacomin
35.Goalie equipment
36.Traded for Jocelyn Thibault in 1998
37.Played with the Flyers and Rangers in the 80s
40.Leaf great, ......... Bower
41.New Jersey goalie
42.Played for the Habs, Blue Jackets, Lightning and Avalanche
44.New York Rangers (abbreviation)
45.Patrick ........
47.Trophy awarded to the NHL's best goalie
49.Cheever's Mask
52.Played 67 games for the Vancouver Canucks in 2005-06
54.Habs Great, Charlie .....
55.Toronto goalie Palmateer
56.Empty Net
1.Larocque nickname
2.Chico Resch's goalie partner on the island
3.Felix 'The ....' Potvin
4.Sawchuk's birthplace (abbreviation)
5.Hockey Hall of .......
8.Blues GM and former Ranger goalie
9.Ranger and former US National goalie
11.Olaf Kolzig's birthplace, South ..........
12.Flames goalie Pat .......
13.Played with the Blues followed by 8 seasons in the WHA
14.2010 Winter Olympics
15.Sens and Devils Goalie
17.Flyer legend
18.Former Jets goalie Doug .........
19.Played with Ottawa, Minnesota and Washington
24.Goalie turned broadcaster
25.Cup winning goalie in 2010
26.Wings, Hawks and Blues legend
31.Former Penguins goalie Denis .........
33.Flyer goalie Lindberg
36.Flyer goal scoring goalie
38.Phil's brother
39.Former Ranger 1st Rounder, ..... Cloutier
43.Minnesota Fighting .......
45.Hartford Whaler goalie
46.Senators Ray .......
50.Dominik .........
51.Former Blackhawks 1st Rounder
53.One of the two Drydens

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