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Seasons Vocabulary Terms to Know

Mrs. Steere

This puzzle is created from Michigan Curriculum Framework vocabulary terms all fifth graders need to know.

1 2   3      
    4     5
8 9    

1.The North Pole almost points to the North Star called this
4.365 Earth days
7.Northern or Southern Hemisphere
10.A figure that is shaped like an oval
11.Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
12.Shaped like a circle
2.The path an object takes when it revolves around another object
3.The imaginary line that eruns from the North Pole to the South Pole
5.The time it takes for something to spin once on its axis
6.The amount of time it takes for something to orbit something else
8.Every four years a day is added to our calendar in February
9.The Earth leans to one side (23.5 degrees)

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