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Cupid's Crossword

Ruth Goudie

1     2          
3   4
5 6         7                  
  11                     12  
14 15 16 17                
18                         19        
    20 21         22  
    24               25        
  26                 27          

1.Donny had hit with this one
6.Latin for love
7.Love is like a?
8.Roman fertility festival
9.In Shakespearean times this bodily organ was associated with love
10.Oscar winning film title which refers to a breed of rose
11.Paris loved this woman whose face launched 1,000 ships
13.Swizzle manufacture this loving confectionary
17.The century in which the War of The Roses was fought
18.Kissed the girls & made them cry
19.This colour is the symbol of purity and faith
21.This woman is crazy in love
23.Shot from Cupids bow
24.St Valentine was arrested for performing this type of ceremony
25.Mother of Cupid & goddess of love
26.Now married to David he married Renate on Valentines Day
27.Sometimes you wear your heart here
28.A fruit is also known as the "love apple"?
2.You’ll find this natural chemical in chocolate
3.According to Roman mythology this liquid spilled by Cupid caused roses to grow
4.Vegetable aphrodisiac
5.In a museum in this country you can find the oldest known Valentine still in existence
12.Shirley who?
14.He just called to say “I love You
15.The walrus of love
16.If you kiss this it may turn into royalty
20.Worlds most famous lover
22.Juliette’s surname

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