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The Life of George H. Bush

William Mbongo

In this puzzle you will be given several clues about the achievements and erxperiences of George H. Bush. Give your best effort to solve the riddles and most importantly, have fun!

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15                   16        

1.during his presidency, Bush Sr. faced this conflict
4.the Island on which his plane was downed
5.the middle easter leader he defeated in the Gulf War
7.the staple of naval breafasts
10.he was most remembered for being
11.the naval carrier on which Bush carried out air strikes
13.the number of air strikes he had flown at the end of WWII
14.the state in which he first got involved in politics
15.the object that rescued him from the japanese
16.he was embassador to which country
17.the high school in which he graduated
19.the number of men in the coalition of the Gulf War
1.this president appointed him as the head of the CIA
2.the first president he ever voted for
3.his presidency led to the fall of
6.given to Bush due to the his bravery in WWII
8.a political figure that spoke at his high school graduation
9.he was vice president to
12.accepted this country to the U.N
18.date of the first time ha ran for president

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