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The Really Awesome Super Bowl Crossword

1       2     3
5                 6            
  7   8  
      9               10
  13           14  

1.oink oink covering
5.The only active player to preside over the coin toss in the Super Bowl
6.This college does a great job at making the most valuable Super Bowl Players
9.Super bowl XL was played at this stadium.Vroom Vroom (2 Words)
12.Greenbay Packers fans
13.First head coach to lose 2 Super Bowls
15.can use a spoon for this or in this
17.Most rushing yards in a Super Bowl
18.This team won Super Bowl I
2.MVP of the Super Bowl the year the St Louis Rams won
3.not pennys but
4.Like shooting a "mammal" in a barrel? 1972 losers
7.Sport performed in the 1984 Apple commercial during Super Bowl XVIII
8.Superbowl winners get this
10.Team With the most Super Bowl MVPs
11.In how many super bowls have there been no touchdowns?
12.Popular football snack
14.Steelers conference
16.Wardrobe malfunction star

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