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Health Economics

Judy Macander

1 2 3 4 5
7                             8  
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6.gives providers maximum control of services provided to the consumer.
7.a health-care system willing to be held accountable for both the clinical and financial outcome of an enrolled population.
12.varying amounts of health-care a consumer is willing to and able to purchase.
14.qualities that illustrate effectiveness and appropriateness in professional roles
21.the practice of nursing based on empirical evidence, health research and professional clinical expertise.
22.a managed health plan that either administers or arranges for health care to be provided to its members for a fee.
23.enrollee select a primary care provider to manage and coordinate the health-care needs of patients under his care.
24.hospital-based physicians
1.Consumer need, consumer conceptualization and consumer access are an example of ------------.
2.The--------------is an example of a PPS system.
3.inpatient services bundled together into a package of care with a predetermined price.
4.focus is to increase quality and years of healthy life and eliminate health disparities.
5.HMO model contractual relationship with solo or group practitioners to provide physician and nurse practitioner services.
8.networks of hospitals, private practice physicians and other health-care practitioners that comprehensive health services to an enrolled group for a negotiated fee.
9.health-care entities that arrange for the provision of services for a group of individuals who are enrolled in the health plan.
10.the ability and willingness of providers to deliver health care
11.is a pricing model that sets payment rates for hospital services before treatment begins.
13.dominant providers, physician and hospitals, make major decisions on the location of services, types of providers and technology available.
15.---a specialty area of economics which studies the parts of a health-care system and how they deliver service to meet the needs of patients.
16.major decisions on location and type of services are determined by the needs and locations of consumers.
17.differences in health status due to race, ethnicity and access to health care.
18.developed by each state to protect the public health, safety and welfare by regulating and overseeing nursing practice.
19.individual and community activities to promote healthy lifestyles
20.range of personal, social, economic and environmental factors that influence health status.

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