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Sociology Ch. 1 and 2

Judi Brake

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1.norms essential to a society's core values, murder and robbery would be violations of these
5.the father of sociology
8.the intersection of history and biography is your_______________
9.he believed that social evolution depended on the survival of the most capable and intelligent and the extinction of the less capable
13.Coca-Cola is found in almost every country in the world. This is an example of___________
14.he said that class conflict is the force behind human history
15.members share a common characteristic, norms specific to their group (but not incompatible with the dominant culture) and an argot
2.sociological perspective that views society as composed of symbols and their meanings
3.eexpressions of approval or disapproval given to people to encourage them to follow societal normsss
4.understanding through insight
6.sociological perspective that views society as a system of interrelated parts that work together
7.society's art, tools, clothing are examples of this
10.sociological perspective that views society as a source of inequality that always benefits some groups at the expense of other groups
11.he said that the sociological imagination allows us to understand human behavior by placing it within its broader social context
12.sociologist who stressed the use of social facts-patterns of behavior that reflect some underlying condition of society

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