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1 2 3      
4             5         6          
  7                   8                        
9                             10                    
    11         12         13   14
  15 16                        
        17       18    
19                             20          
    21             22    
  24   25 26                      
27           28                  
29                           30  
  31               32             33          
34                     35                
36     37     38          
        40 41
42 43 44                   45              
      48                       49          

3.where amy's parents live
4.professor farnsworth's son
5.nibbler's people
7.where leela grew up
9.has a PHD in art
10.movie where bender must learn to use imagination
11.president of earth
15.bender's last name
17.who is seymour?
19.movie where leela tries to save endangered species
21.leelas dad
23.Fry's college roomate at Mars U
26.a decadent robot
27.the planet express cook
28.network futurama debuted on
29.creator of futurama
31.smartest of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers
33.leela is one
34.a robot created by mom in 2801 to judge the naughty and the nice
35.hattie mcdougal (cat lady) catch phrase
37.voice of fry
44.futurama takes place in the year 3000 in what city
45.Fry's 21st century employer ________ pizza
46.the janitor
47.soap opera star
48.nibbler's poop and the ships source of power
49.how the amazon women kill men
1.zoidbergs home planet
2.may's fan fan ru
3.leelas mom
6.Lrrr's home planet
8.fry eats this and gets parasites
12.criminally insane stab-bot
13.the name of the earthican flag
14.leader of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers
16.the professors arch nemesis
18.hermes's son
20.network that currently airs futurama
22.voice of leela
24.cross between an oboe and a holographic projector
25.Amy and her parents leo and inez_____
30.manages and owns 99.7% of MOMCORP
32.Planet express crew's favorite show
36.a large amphibian that controls you through hypnosis
38.hermes's wife
39.Mordo's co-anchor on the nightly news
40.Amy's parents farm these
41.Zach Brannigan's ship
42.bender craps these when freightened
43.this characters first name is turanga

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