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College Knowledge

Ms. Pleasance

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1.the highest degree awarded
4.one day events where representatives from colleges meet students
6.grade point average
7.an official academic record that lists all classes and grades
13.points earned when students has fulfilled a requirement
14.primary field of study that a student chooses
15.Money given from government, a college or private organization
18.college level courses offered in high school
19.money that a student may borrow or be given
20.requirements students must meet before taking a class
22.cost of academic instruction
23.a degree awarded after 4 years of study
2.activities in addition to classes
3.a form completed by all applicants for federal financial aid
5.a degree awarded after a Bachelor's degree
8.practice test for college admission test
9.a type of financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid
10.money that is borrow and must be paid back
11.letters written by teachers or adults to tell colleges about student
12.combines employment and college study
16.college entrance test
17.college entrance exam
21.Expected Family Income

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