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Economic puzzle


this puzzle is for studying some economic terms

2   3   4        
8 9                

2.the act, system or business of providing financial protection for property, life, health
5.to give or produce a particular amount of money as a profit
9.to take money from a person, a bank, etc. and agree to pay it back within a particular period of time, usually with an amount of interest added
10.property lent, money lent at interest for a period of time
11.to avoid the spending, waste or loss of money, possessions, etc.
12.a large amount of money that, property, etc. that a person or country owns
1.the cost of borrowing money, usually expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed
3.any of the units of equal value, into which a company is divided, and sold to raise money
4.an amount of money that smb pays regularly in order to use a property
6.a legal agreement by which a bank or similar organization lends smb money to buy a house, a flat, etc. and a person pays the money back over a number of yaers
7.the amount of money that smb has to pay in order to buy, do or produce smth
8.the value of the property after all debts have been paid

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